Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The splash you need

Autumn with spring weather! 
The last days are just amazing and the sun is shining all day. Just the perfect weather to make your mood and get around and about without jacket.
Today I'm in a super simple outfit but very unique. My yellow bag is my latest obsession. It's the splash of color you need to start your day and it's the perfect match with blue jeans and blue tweed by Virginia top. 
If you prefer black or dark colors in your daily life I reccomend you to buy a colorful bag. It's not only giving a unique, impressive and fancy touch on your outfit, but also it can lift your mood very high.
What do you think?

by Virginia top, Zara jeans, Mango bag, bracelet & boots, Ray-Ban sunnies, Casio watch


1 comment:

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