Monday, September 25, 2017

Kimono in Oia

Hello my loves!
Two days ago I got back from a magical place and I feel like I'm still there.
Santorini is not the world's top choice by chance. It's the top destination worldwide because the magic that happens there is something you can't find anywhere else. 
Little beautiful alleys, white all over, unique island details, endless blue, breathtaking view and a sunset that can't be described by words.
That's why I wanted to have my clothing collection there. As I had no time to prepare for new things, I did my best to create only one dress, this floral KIMONO wrap dress, which is on my new collection, in order to wear it in the most beautiful destination, but stay tuned because more things are comig..
A dream came true, but Santorini will never be off my bucket list

By Virginia dress, Alessandra Greek Sandals, Komono sunnies