Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Coziness Overload

Hello  darlings!
The last week was really hard for me as I was in a terrible cold. I didn't get out of the house a lot, so I spent all day inside. It was the perfect time to get cozy and warm and rest as much as I could. 
Today, I felt much better, so I had time for a new post. 
My outfit today is super casual and simple, but yet so beloved. Sweater and denim is all time classic and the best choice for everyday looks. This time I wore it with my latest shoe crush, these Alessandra Greek Sandals ballerinas. If you don't already know the brand, just visit the page and get a pair of yours. I swear Alessandra makes the most comfortable shoes and sandals you've ever worn. And do you want to know the most important fact of all? All of her products are handmade.
What do you think?

Alessandra Greek Sandals ballerinas, Zara denim & sweater