Monday, December 7, 2015

Black addict

Black, Black, black.. Can't get enough of it! It's almost always my choice, although I'm trying to avoid it. I think it's the color that almost everyone feels more comfortable and secure.
My whole outfit today is black, so I tried to break it with a black&white blazer. 
As a top, blouse and shirts addict I couldn't resist on creating black pieces and this crepe By Virginia tee I'm wearing today is the most easy and effortless piece you can have in your closet. Perfect fabric, with a nice and elegant touch. it can be worn as a dress-top or inside of  high waisted pants, skirts or shorts. Just love it.

By Virginia top, Benetton pants (old), Zara heels, Marigo shocks, Vogos blazer


1 comment:

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