Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy Month

Hello August, it's my month! Yeah.. 
How much I love summer.. I wish I'd lived in a place where there would be always summer. 
Unfortunatelly I don't, so I'm trying to live it the best way I can. 
Of course clothes are one of the most important reason I wish for summer all the year. And an obsession that keeps for years now is denim and especially denim shorts! I love them. And the more ripped they are, the better for me. 
Today I chose denim shorts and a shirt around my waist. It's not only for the possibility of cold, but it can be a good solution for being more comfortable when your hot pants are very short.
Wish you all a great August!

H&M Conscious tank top, shirt & necklace, Bershka shorts, Zara heels, Ray-Ban sunnies


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