Friday, January 10, 2014


In winter days, most of the times I don't have mood of going out. So, I prefer to stay in my lovely home and spend my mornings with coffee, breakfast and things I love. Clothes I love are included too and today I wore some of my favorite stuff. 
Sequins is something I love in clothes, they are sparkling, glamorous and always make my day! They are on my knit and on my beanie too. Leggings and socks are comfortable and necessary when in home. 
So, even if you are at home be comfortable, but give on your look a beautiful touch. Not only for better appearance but also because it will make you feel way better, even if you're all alone. Enjoy..

Mango sequined knit
Zara leggings
Stradivarius black knit
Calzedonia leopard socks
Tally Weijl sequined beanie


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